Patent attorney

Lilian Wang

Partner/Patent attorney

South China University of Technology/ Materials Science and Engineering

Practice Areas
Patent Prosecution, OA Response, Patent Reexamination, Patent Invalidation

Technology Fields
Macromolecule & Polymer Composite, Material Processing, Semiconductor Devices & Fabrication, Electronics, Mechanics

Ms. Wang has rich experience in patent searching, drafting, patent re-examination and invalidation especially in the fields of macromolecule & polymer composite, material processing, mechanics, semiconductor devices & fabrication and electronics. She also provides professional opinions and analysis for patent validity, patent enforcement and patent portfolio. So far, Ms. Wang has more than 15 years of experience in the field of intellectual property. She is well known for her ability to analyze complicated facts and propose feasible solutions based on her abundant professional knowledge and practical experience.

Ms. Wang now focuses on PCT and international patent application affairs in our firm, including patent drafting and application for Chinese applicants to developed countries, Hong Kong, Taiwan and countries in the “Belt and Road Initiative".