Patent attorney

Cristina Li

Partner/Patent attorney

Nanjing University/ Pharmaceutical preparations

Practice Areas
Patent Prosecution, Patent Drafting, Patent Re-examination and Invalidation

Technology Fields
pharmaceuticals, immunology, biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology

So far, Ms. Li has handled more than 400 patent cases and accumulated rich experience, including experience in new application drafting, OA, reexamination and invalidation. Ms. Li has an in-depth understanding of patent laws, regulations and practices in Europe, U.S. and other countries and can provide clients with comprehensive and reasonable suggestions and assistance. Therefore, she wins the trust of clients and has become an attorney designated by many clients over the years.

Before joining us, Ms. Li had been engaged in the management of new drug research and development in pharmaceutical enterprises for many years. She is familiar with all aspects of new drug research and development and can provide better services for the needs of pharmaceutical enterprises clients.